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Cristina is the CEO and Producer for the RMS

RMS Foundation mission is to keep performing arts alive, to outreach and educate the audiences, to create musical bridges between the different countries through concerts, cultural exchanges, tours, educational activities, audio and video recordings and broadcasting.


 Mrs. Botnari-Kulik holds 2 Master Degrees: First one in violin performance from the   Moscow State Conservatory (Moscow, Russia) and second one in Arts Management  from American University (Washington,DC), has an extensive experience in all aspects of classical music such as performance, project creation and management, governance, operations, production, marketing, fundraising … working as a performer and/or as a manager with such organizations as Moscow Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra, Great Hall Symphony Orchestra, The National Symphony Orchestra, John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Washington Performing Arts Society, United Arts Organizations, Russian Music Society, RMS records, RMS TV, Washington Youth Chamber Orchestra, Arlington Symphony, Fairfax Symphony, Virginia Chamber Orchestra and many others. Presently, is one of the founding Directors of the RMS foundation and on the Advisory Board of Directors for the Russian Ballet Academy of Maryland as well as a Grammy voting member.


Eastern European born violinist Cristina Botnari is holding her MA in Violin Performance and Music Education from the legendary Moscow State (Tchaikovski) Conservatory, Russia (professors: Grigory Feigin and Eduard Grach). Cristina is a Laureate of the National Competition and has a Diploma from the International Center of Chamber Music. While living in Moscow, Cristina has worked in Moscow State Philharmonic and has toured with different ensembles (such as Moscow State Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra, Great Hall Symphony Orchestra, Young Russia Symphony Orchestra, etc.) throughout Russia, Germany, Spain, Austria, South Korea, Romania, Slovakia, and Republics of Former Soviet Union. Mrs. Botnari also has participated in many international festivals such as International Music Festival of George Enescu, Russian-Korean Festival, etc., as well as master classes. Since moving to DC Area, Mrs. Botnari performed at the Kennedy Center, Washington Choral Arts Society Symphony Orchestra; served as a Concertmaster and soloist of AU Symphony and Chamber Orchestra. Mrs. Botnari was performing with Alexandria Symphony Orchestra, Fairfax Symphony Orchestra, Arlington Symphony Orchestra, Virginia Chamber Orchestra and other chamber groups throughout the area. Cristina is a recipient of numerous awards and scholarships and is a member of American Federation of Musicians.


Arts Management:

Cristina is also holding her second MA in Arts Management from American University (Washington, DC) as well as post graduate internship at the Villar Institute of Arts Management at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. Cristina had management experience from Russia, working for the Russian Music Society and as well as Great Hall Symphony Orchestra management.

While studying at AU, Mrs. Botnari-Kulik has also worked with such organizations as: United Arts Organizations (fundraising), Washington Performing Arts Society (special events fundraising), National Symphony Orchestra (operations), later Cristina has served as a Managing Director for the Washington Youth Chamber Orchestra and presently is the CEO of the Russian Music Society overseeing RMS records, RMS TV, RMS management.

  Cristina is a Producer and a violinist of the Sonor Trio

"Special Edition" USA-Russia radio bridge,

   Interview with Eduard Grach

 Tchaikovsky - Romantic Journey

Tchaikovsky - Piano concerto and Waltz

Tchaikovsky - Serenade; The Nutcracker

Rachmaninov - Concerto Nr.3

CMH 2012-12-10

Bernstein, Botnari, Grach, Piazzolla,

Webber, Bock 2012-12-10

Rachmaninov Concerto Nr.2

Strauss, Tales of the Vienna Forest

Yuri Simonov, MPO Rachmaninov

Symphony Nr.3

Eduard Grach, Moscovia, Carmen Suite

 CMH 2013-02-04

Romantic Valentines program, Leningrad

CMH 2013-02-11

Yuri Simonov, Dvorak, Slavonic Dances

CMH 2013-02-18

CMH 2013-11-04

CMH 2013-11-05

Andrey Gavrilov 2013-11-05

Yuri Zhislin interview 2013-11-17

Co-Founder,  Artist and Executive Producer for the Royal Music Society

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